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06 February 2018

Trouble Hearing in Noise? Try Roger™ Free for 30 Days!

Roger™ is an easy to use solution to help hearing device users hear in noisy environments.   Roger™ listening solutions bridge the understanding gap by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to the listener, allowing the user to fully participate and excel in noisy listening environments.   Roger™ let’s you do that. Hard time hearing […]

13 November 2017

Invisible Hearing Aid Trial Event! Wednesday November 15th, 2017

Invisible Hearing Aid Trial – All for FREE!! • Can be worn 24/7 for months at a time • No batteries to change • No maintenance • No daily insertion or removal Lyric, the world’s first 100% invisible extended wear hearing aid now has more sizes available! Call to book your appointment! 519-766-4327

13 November 2017

200 New Nunavut Hearing Systems Purchased for Schools

Nunavut Teacher Educates Students on the Importance of Hearing

As many of you know Better Hearing in Education for Northern Youth (BHENY) began as a Rotary project here in Guelph. Over the past two years we have assisted school staff in 10 communities in Nunavut in implementing soundfield systems.  We have focused on training specialists throughout the region so that they can lead the […]

13 November 2017

We have a NEW Audiologist! Introducing: Erica Wong

Wellington Hearing Care welcomed Erica Wong in July 2017 to our expanding family of audiologists.  Erica has a Master of Science in Audiology from the University of Western Ontario, 2001. She worked at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto for 15 years, providing diagnostic and rehabilitative services to patients aged six weeks to 95+ years old. […]

13 November 2017

How to get more life out of my Hearing Aid Batteries

Mercury-free hearing aid batteries have the same life span as the older mercury batteries. Some hearing aid users have experienced problems with their hearing aids cutting in and out, having a shorter battery life, or hearing the low battery warning even though the battery is fresh. This may be caused by low battery voltage that […]

20 March 2017

Volunteering in our Community

At Wellington Hearing Care we firmly believe that giving back and educating on hearing loss is our responsibility and our privilege.  We are a part of your local community.

01 March 2017

Just launched from Phonak… Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Rechargeable technology has become part of everyday life and it is used in many electronic devices because of its convenience and reliability. While rechargeable hearing aids have been available for years, these solutions have had several disadvantages such as insufficient battery life and long charging times. This is about to change! Phonak has just introduced […]


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